About me


Hi everyone and welcome to my page!

It has been many years since my interest in photography started. I only needed something to capture the moment and a bit of imagination. Phones are great, they are there at any moment and come handy to snap good pics. However, they have limitations when you want to take photography to the next level.

My dad helped me out and got me my current Canon EOS 77D, my first ever reflex camera. Now, it is with me all the time, anywhere I go, so I do not miss out on any moment life presents to us.

Once I got the camera, well, it came a long list of “toys” with it....backpack, lenses (of course I need many of these to make sure I can snap the best photos!), tripods, flashlights and a long etc that I have or I would like to have to add more creativity to my photography.

Since then, I have not stopped, I have visited new places, researched and travelled to capture just that moment, I try different types of photography, different ways of seeing the light through the lense. In this process, I have brought with me family, friends, neighbours, to accompany me to discover places and they have posed for me, they have helped and we have had fun, making sure each photo was better than the previous one.

The best thing, meeting new people who share the same passion and interest, helping each other and learning new things together, it is all part of the learning process.

Dad pushed me to pursue what is now a passion, and thanks to him and everyone who surrounds me, we can capture those magical moments. Carpe Diem.

Thank you very much for visiting my page and I hope you like the content!

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